ANST-Announce - Archery Banners

Bob Dewart gilli at
Mon Apr 17 20:19:44 PDT 2000

Greetings and Hi There,

I would like to share something that has been on the Ansteorra Archery List.

We have come up with an archery banner.  It is 2 feet along the top and
bottom, and 3 feet down the sides.  It is Or a broadhead inverted Sable.
(Yellow or gold background with a black broad head in the middle pointed
up).  The banner pole may be of your own choosing.

I would like to see is every acher or person who supports archery in this
Kingdom with this banner at their camp site.  Then when we go to court, we
take the banners with us.  That should show folks where the archer community

We will have our banner by Elfsea's Springfair.  I'd like to see a bunch of
them then.

gilli at

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