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Greeting to the list:
            To help with the crash space for those gentles in the SCA that will be attending the relay for life. I am bringing my tent (French Marguee 24X 15 ft.) and a LARGE pavilion to set up on the football field. I and Lady Marianna will placing some beds and cots in the tent and pavilion for people to "hot bunk" it in while they are there.
          If you are attending and have an extra cot please bring it and your sleeping bag or roll.  This way we can  have people resting and still have some walking the track. If I understand it correctly each team must have at least one member walking the track at all times. Am I correct in this stipulation Lord Logan or Elewys Luskcomb? (For those that dont know these two are our co-ordinators/team captians for this)  
        So, I  am also adding my "voice", to Lord Logans request; for those individuals in the western region, that may so choose to join us support the American///Cancer/// Society.  As they hold their annual Relay for Life in  Big Spring, Texas, on May 12th-13th.
Logan and Elewys:  What is the chance of our group doing a Pot-luck or communial dinner/meals  during this event for our folks?
In service to the Kingdom and the Dream.
HL Agnarr Thorvaldsson.
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