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Kaitlyn McKenna kaitlyn_mckenna at
Mon Apr 24 04:26:53 PDT 2000

Come One, Come All! The Doge of Venice has put forth a call for the 
Contrades to Assemble April 28-30.

If you haven't put together your's not too late.  Gather those 
about you and find more on site to fill out your ranks.  Be aware that 
Contrades who wish to participate in the Equestrian activities will need to 
bring/hire two riders.  All other info can be found in the booklet(you can 
still get one..). [Note: you must be a member of a Contrade to participate 
in the scenarios..get hired or bring a contrade with you. You don't have to 
have all areas to be a Contrade..we just need to know, so we can plan]

Also, the Grapevine Tavern and Hiring faire will be serving simple fare on 
Saturday..or purchase some fruit and possibly some rumors from the fruit 
seller using the local currency.  Don't forget to prepare for the feast 
competition.  Who is the best cook in the land(of Venice)?  Find out 
Saturday night after the Senate hearing.

The site has nicely shaded oak trees, with running water and privies. Pets 
are allowed with the usual paperwork, and pretty much anything else is 
allowed as well.

Contact me if you need more information,

kaitlyn mckenna
steward to the Doge
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