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Okay guys, if you want to keep hitting each other, somebody needs to pay
close attention to this detail here.


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> Heilsa all my Good and True Neighbors!
> I do regret to have to write this missive, however:
> NOTE: TOURNAMENT REPORTS: The Earl Marshal is not receiving _any_
> Reports! In my 14 months in office I have received no more than 5
> Reports. This is unacceptable. The Earl Marshal's policy is now this:
> Beginning _15 MAY 2000_ The Marshal-of-Record (usually the Local Marshal)
> must send me a report for each Official Tournament that their group holds
> within 14 days (two weeks) of that tournament. Failure to do so will
> in a 6-month suspension of tournament activity in that group. This is for
> all Combat Tournaments (Heavy, Rapier, and all Youth Combat).
> Forms should be in your hands (local Marshals) or can be found with your
> Regional Marshal, or on-line at   www.ansteorra.org
> Sorry to be a such a hardcase but I feel this action is now necessary.
> As well, please note that the Earl Marshal must be informed of any combat
> related injury (bruises and minor scratches excluded - use your judgement)
> within 48 hours of the injury. A personal face-to-face meeting, telephone
> call, or e-mail is sufficient to inform the Earl Marshal. However, every
> reported and reportable injury must be recorded on an Official Injury
> form and sent to the Earl Marshal within 14 days from the date of the
> injury. Please send a copy to the Kingdom Chirurgeon as well. If there are
> follow-up reports on any serious or worsening injury please send them to
> EM and the Kingdom Chirurgeon as well.
> Thank you all for your time and consideration in these matters.
> Only YOU can prevent Rhino-hydes...!
> Wæs Þu Hæl kinfolk...!
> Kief - EM Ansteorra
> "Better the Hammer than the nail..."
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