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Thought I'd pass this along so we can see how we're doing so.

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From: Giovanni dell'Arco <ikac at>

Date: Friday, April 28, 2000 10:01 AM
Subject: April IKAC Report...

>There are no rule changes from last year, aside from the updated effective
>date.  You can write to me at ikac at to request a copy of the
>IKAC and IKCAC rules or via snail mail at:  Keeper of the IKAC, c/o
>Satcher, 23000 Edmonds Way #201, Edmonds, WA, 98020-8200, USA.  Please
>specify which set of rules you want and whether you want them in Word, RTF
>or text format.  I will also have a Palm PRC version of the rules available
>soon, both on the web site and by direct request.
>Scores can be sent via e-mail to ikac at  Please indicate the
>Kingdom and date of the event on the subject line.  E-mail scores
>submissions must include, at a minimum:  the Kingdom, the name and date of
>the event, the archer-in-charge, the names of the archers, the divisions
>they're competing in, and their score with breakdown.  A full description
>the divisions, scoring and the necessary information to report are found in
>the IKAC and IKCAC rules.
>Archers-in-charge, please be extra careful when scoring period IKACs.  The
>period division has their own specific target and scoring system.  Please
>refer to the IKAC rules for more information.  If I suspect that a period
>IKAC was recorded using the standard scoring system (1-5) and after
>investigation it cannot be determined which scoring method was actually
>on the range I may have to disqualify that particular score.
>At this time the period division rules allow fiberglass in the period bows,
>however I'm thinking of removing fiberglass from the period division next
>season.  I'd like comments, please.
>Recently the question came up whether repeating crossbows were legal and,
>so, do they have any limits in the speed ends.  My official stance for this
>season is repeating crossbows are legal and there are no limits to their
>other than what is already specified in the current rules.  I invite
>discussion on this topic from both sides.  I'd also like archers-in-charge
>to note on the score sheet when someone is using a repeating crossbow so I
>can see if they have an unfair advantage over standard open and period
>Current Standings as of 4/27/2000
>Open Division
>1. An Tir 289.0: Andras the Truemark 323, Vladimir Esves 298, Felicitae de
>l'Hay 246.
>2. West 182.3: Sigmund (Lochac) 208, Mercurio (Lochac) 179, Sabine (Lochac)
>3. Outlands 141.3: Artorius Greyhawk 151, Jean Airk Le Grimm 151, Lord
>Duncan Alastair MacRae 122.
>4. Caid 113.7: Liadan of Seahaven 188, James of Wivernweald 82, Gerhard von
>Offenbach 71.
>5. Trimaris 74.3: HL Heinrich von Holtzgravitzer 177, Usma Al-Rashid 69,
>Bodo 37.
>6. Middle n/a: James Cunningham 228, Baynard 48.
>Open Crossbow Division
>1. Middle n/a: Lord Allen of Caerlaverock 315, Thea the Spinner 167.
>2. Trimaris n/a: Caonate 49.
>Period Crossbow Division
>1. Maidiu Ruadh 82, West (Lochac)
>End Report
>In service,
>Signore Giovanni dell'Arco, OGGS
>Keeper of the InterKingdom Archery Competition
>ikac at

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