ANST-Announce - Steppes Artisan / More information

Elspeth de Forbeys ladyforbeys at
Wed Aug 2 07:11:57 PDT 2000

     There is a table reserved for a children's
display are at Steppes Artisan August 5. If there is a
child or children out there involved in A&S, we would
like to see them display at Artisan. Please keep in
mind there is only one table, so space is limited.

On another note, Baroness Alys is sponsoring a charter
painting contest to be judged at Artisan. Charters do
not have to be painted on site. She has posted the
guidelines to the list. I will get this information to
anyone who requests it.

yours in service,
Lady Elspeth de Forbeys
Aurum peccamenes multifariam texi

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