WR - Rapier Practice

Laurie Mahagan lmahagan at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 6 17:32:04 PDT 2000

I would like to invite everyone to join the Shire of Trelac in welcoming
Dona Gwynneth and Lord Avery from Bryn Gwyladd next Saturday.  They will
be joining us for Rapier practice and instruction.  They are both
wonderful fighters and have a great deal to teach for anyone interested
in learning to fight rapier in the SCA, honing various skills, or just
fighting someone new!  They are also both authorized as youth rapier
marshals if there is anyone in the area with young people wanting to
learn to fight.  The practice will be at the park between Harris and
Beauregard (I'll send the name of the park when I have further details)
down by the river on Saturday, Aug. 12.  It will most likely begin
between 8am and 10am (I will post an exact time, again, when I have more
details) and will likely run until 5pm or 6pm or until all fighters have
collapsed!  Afterwards, I will try to have arranged for us to have pizza
at Pizza Hut on Sherwood Way.  Everyone will be responsible for their
own lunches, but we will have oranges, bananas, water and gaterade on
site.  It would be helpful if I could get everyone who plans to attend
to let me or the local Rapier Marshal, Larkin O'Kane, know if you will
be attending, so that I will know how much food to get and tell Pizza
Hut how many to expect.  I should be finding out more information within
the next day or so. I will be posting directions as well as the other
items noted at that time.  I hope to see all of you there.  It promises
to be a wonderful time.

Muirghein McKiernan

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