WR - Rapier Practice

Laurie Mahagan lmahagan at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 10 20:41:17 PDT 2000

Just a reminder!  We have invited  Dona Gwenneth and Lord Avery to
Trelac to do some instruction in rapier fighting this Saturday, August
12 at 9am in the Civic League Park (Water Lily Park).  We will be down
past the water lilies by the river.  There are two great bridges and
some staircases for more interesting fights, as well as some nice level
ground for general instruction.  We will have water, gatorade, oranges
and bananas available and we are planning on going to Pizza Hut
afterwards.  Please join us, we will be fighting until about 5 or 6, or
until we all drop from exhaustion.  Should be fun for everyone.
Non-fighters are welcome, too.  You know we swishy-pokey types love an

Muirghein MacKiernan

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