WR - Gothic Wars IX (G2K)

Chiang chiang at odsy.net
Mon Aug 14 20:55:47 PDT 2000

  Greetings Good People,
 It is once again time for Gothic Wars, or G2K as I am want to call it.
  Both sides of the conflict do call out for your help. The leaders of both
sides, Sir Aaron McGregor and Master Cadwallader (affectionately called
Genghis Cad)invite you to join them.
  Are you one who tends to want to raid and plunder? Run rampant through the
enemy. Then join Genghis Cad as he leads his horde to lay waste to the
Western Region.
  However if you picture yourself the hero type. The one who saves the lady
and slays the enemy and save civilization. Then Sir Aaron would welcome your
help to protect the West.
  Planning on going to Three Kings? Use this as an opportunity to test and
hone your melee tactics and skills.
  Not the Heavy Fighting type? Not to worry. We will have Light fighting, as
much as you can handle. We will also have Arts and Sciences, with a special
division for those 12 and under. I was told to require documentation, but
settled for only requesting it, my bad<G>. We also have planned an Archery
Shoot. As I am sure that we will have some bardic too. Should be something
for everyone, who is not a stick in the mud.
  So come on out to the West for a labor Day weekend filled with fun,
frolic, and fighting. You can check out the website at:
  Until then,
  I am and remain your humble servant,
  Western Regional Knight Marshal
  Autocrat for Gothic 2000 (G2K)

  "Our Enemies Teach Us Life's Most Valuable Lessons"

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