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Tue Dec 12 11:18:25 PST 2000

Yuletide Greetings Ansteorra,

     A warm reception awaits you this weekend in Bjornsborg as we host
the Academy of the Sword!  Here is your opportunity to come and share in
the rich history of the noble pursuit of combat.  Learn as Ansteorra's
most accomplished practitioners of the military arts share their
knowledge.  A variety of arts and sciences activities will also be
provided for the education and diversion of non-combatants; there will
be plenty to occupy all who attend. After a day of teaching you are
cordially invited to attend Bjornsborgs famous Yule Revel Saturday
night. And of special importance, on Sunday morning the Barony is proud
to assist the Companions of the Order of the Rose in hosting a
spectacular Rapier Tourney.
     As of this missive it is our desire to offer 16 class times on four
available tracks.  Eight classes will be available in the morning, with
eight more in the afternoon following a one hour lunch break.  The late
afternoon will be capped with an open forum, round table discussion.
Teachers and their classes include, but are not limited to:

His Majesty, Sir Timotheos Kalamanos will be teaching two classes, a
beginning/intermediate class covering the basics of fighting against
lefties entitled "Hey, Your Sword's In the Wrong Hand." Followed by an
intermediate/advanced class for lefties expanding beyond the basic lefty
offense called "More Than A One-Trick Pony"
Duke Kein MacEwan and Sir Wilhelm Von Buch will offer their insights in
strategy and tactics in SCA combat.
Count Sir Simon of the Amber Isle explains the real effect of a
broadsword against armor.
Earl Barn Silveraxe shares his skills in the use of mace and axe.
Sir Arenvald Kief av Kiersted hosts "A talk and discussion session on
Society concepts of Chivalric and Honorable Conduct on the Tournament
Field" or "Why do we fall down?"
Sir Emrys Shaunnon recounts chivalric concepts from the Knights of Old
Sir Duncan Arthur Ross will teach sword and offhand thrusting weapons -
spear, madu, adraga, and/or concepts of fighting with the sword leg
forward technique.
Centurion Almar Bjarnklo discusses fiberglass spear construction and
Mistress Stella Silvana, Ansteorra's Marshallate Secretary will
highlight issues related to the Marshallate.
Additional martial classes are anticipated and will be announced on

      Don't forget that an entire series of complementary arts and
science classes are being made available to tempt the
non-fighter/accompanying guest.  Coordinated by Mistress Tamlin, these
classes include:
Making Gambesons - Lady Alexandria Doyle - A "how-to" class using
examples in various stages of construction.  Lady Alexandria is an
accomplished seamstress with an extensive knowledge of the intricacies
of fitting.
Managing Lists - Lady Emilie Penrose Blackwell, an experienced list
mistress, will teach the various formats of lists used in our Kingdom as
well as the art of "going-with-the-flow" for unusual tourney formats.
The Honor of Your Favor- Baroness Brianna ny' Oran.  Baroness Brianna
will cover the customs of favors, both historically and the SCA
interpretations including the etiquette of both bestowing and bearing a
Torse and Mantling - Lady Desiree will teach how to add color and flair
to armor on the list field with helmet torse and mantling.
Support Your Fighter - Baroness Elissena de Bayonne ("Lissa") of
Stargate will enhance the spectator's appreciation of tourneys through a
discussion of the ins and outs of sponsoring/supporting a fighter.
Disguising mundanities - Baroness Seraphina Maslowska will share her
many tips and tricks for keeping the comforts of the 20thC under cover
and presenting a period front to the world.

Arts for the Yule
These classes will teach a short project with materials and instructions
to finish at home.  There may be a small fee for materials.
Finger weaving - Lady Vera will explain finger weaving, a process akin
to braiding.
Embroidery (or Tassels) - Lady Anne Harper - Embroider a small motif on
a pouch or bookmark or learn to make decorative tassels for holiday
Applique Beading - Lady Maia Use glass beads to make a motif of the
Ansteorran Star suitable for use on a pouch or clothing. (small fee)
Kumihimo - HL Radegunde de Tours -Learn this ancient Japanese
cord-making process.  These lovely cords can be used to tie up gifts as
well as embellishments on clothing.
Campfire Singing by Lord Gio.  Tired of lip-syncing songs you almost
know the words to?  Lord Gio will teach the popular campfire songs and
include a book of words and a tape of tunes. (small fee)
Medieval Yule Customs - Mistress Clare shares what simple folk did to
celebrate the Yule / Christmas/ Solstice.

     As to the academy, it is suggested that you dress for the weather.
Camping is primitive.  A potluck feast is planned for the evening.
Please bring a dish that can serve 6-10.  The site details, map, fees,
etc. appear in the Black Star or can be examined from a link from our
baronial web site.  Contact the Steward for more specifics.

      The following individuals may be contacted for your questions,
before 9pm please.
Steward  Master Cynric of Bedwyn (830) 612-3202 or rferrell at
Feast Coordinator  Baroness Seraphina Maslowska aferrell at
Class Coordinator  Baron Emrys Shaunnon (210) 497-3340 or
btkelley at
Arts and Sciences Coordinator  Mistress Tamlin du Bois Vert at
scooke at

    We look forward to being in your good company.  Come to Bjornsborg
this weekend for some excellent and valuable classes, a spectacular
rapier tourney, a mug of warm cider and some great Christmas cheer!

Sir Emrys Shaunnon, Baron of Bjornsborg
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