ANST-Announce - Estrella War 17 Prereg extension

Master Raffaelle gyrony at
Fri Dec 22 10:36:35 PST 2000

If you have any questions please respond to the Pre-Registration 
Coordinator, her email is at the end of the missive...


The Estrella War Pre-Registration Office is well-pleased to be so
popular. Never have we received so much loving correspondence all
at one time! Take rest in knowing that we are handling each and
every one with the tender loving care it deserves. Email is being
sent when possible to give you the peace-of-mind that your pre-
registration has been received and processed.
Thank you for your patience and thank you for using Pre-
Registration!  Remember, there are still benefits from using
pre-reg,even without land allocation. Namely, you've handled the $$$ in 
advance, your waiver will be pre-printed when you arrive at Troll,
and you get on-site at 8am on Wed.

Pre-Reg is still available until 12/31 (postmark). Just remember:
1) you now have to use certified funds (no personal checks,
anymore), (2) the discount period is over, (3) send copies of cards
for member price, and (4) please send the stamped envelope.
Forms are available on the Estrella War Page:

In Service,

Lady Giliana Spencer de Windermere
Estrella War Pre-Registration Autocrat
jamers at

PS: Please copy my post into your reply, so I can keep track of all of this 
correspondence!  Thanks so much.
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