WR - Fighter Practice

dustin rowe lord_randolph at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 12 17:10:08 PST 2000

greeting to all Mendersham is having a event on april the 8 fighter practice 
on that sunday we could hold a regional practice then...

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>Subject: Re: WR - Fighter Practice
>Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2000 15:24:16 -0600
>Larking said:
> >Is there going to be a Regional Fighter Practice this Sunday at Big
> >Spring?
>Logan said:
> >Well, me and Britta had discussed one, but we never had time to actually
>put one together. Officially, no... but... Aaron and Britta and I don't
>know who else from Blacklake are coming this Sunday, so what do you say
>we have an "unofficial" one? Sounds like fun to me...
>Basically, it is just a fighter practice that a bunch of us are
>attending.  If we can get enough together, we'll work on melees.  Of
>course, Aaron just wants to hit people, so more the merrier.
>Currently, the only regional practice is next Sunday after Bards and
>Arts.  However, I'm trying to schedule another one for March 4 or 5th in
>Big Spring.  I figure Sunday(5th) will be the best, about 1:30 pm.  YES
>or NO?
>I don't expect to catch everyone at one time, so I want to have several
>practices in an attempt work with as many of us at one time as we can.
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