WR - Bards & Arts Thanks Yous (sorta long)

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Sun Feb 27 22:28:38 PST 2000

You did a wonderful job and it was a joy to attend.  I am still bragging and
hope to bring more next year!

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Date: Tuesday, February 22, 2000 9:51 PM
Subject: WR - Bards & Arts Thanks Yous (sorta long)

>Greetings unto the good people of Ansteorra.
>I would like to thank all of those who attended our small (?)
>event this past weekend.  It grew quite a bit this year. Most of
>all I would like to thank my teachers, without them Bards & Arts
>would not be possible. Therefore thank you to the following
>people :
>Baron Aethelstan
>Duchess Willow
>Honorable Ldy Joanna
>Honorable Ldy Kathri
>Honoarble Ldy Meagan
>Honorable Ldy Saqra
>Honorable Ld Francois
>Honorable Ld Guillaume
>Honorable Ld Olias
>Ldy Aziza
>Ldy Celeste
>Lrd Chiang
>Ldy Kyleena
>Ldy Perronnelle
>Ldy Raven & Faolon
>Ld Tadhg
>Ld Toshiro
>Mistress Kalida
>They all taught wonderful classes and much was learned.
>Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.
>I would also like to thank my Feast Steward Lady Isabeau
>for a truly wonderful feast. Thanks to all the helpers during
>clean up duty, including but not limited to, HL Wilken, HL Ofelia,
>L Mihaly, L Selwyn, L Tadhg, L Alasdair and many others I saw
>dashing around helping, thank you!
>Special thanks to HE Valust for holding a short and amusing court
>for us.  The awards given were well deserved.
>I am very pleased that my first attempt at autocratting went well
>but I am also wise enough to know that I could not have done it
>without all of you that were there.  I do hope that you come out
>and play with us again, we may be far away, but we are alot of fun.
>One last personal thank you to Ldy Kate de la Heyt for making
>my lovely dresses that I wore the whole day.
>In Service to the Love of the Dream,
>Lady Aerin of Adlersruhe
>Event Steward for Bards & Arts IV
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