ANST-Announce - Fw: Combat Archery Rules at Gulf War

Bob Dewart gilli at
Tue Feb 29 06:42:28 PST 2000

Greetings  and Hi There,

The followings comes to us from Sir Erika the Trimarian Archery Marshal.



Date: Tuesday, February 29, 2000 8:31 AM
Subject: Combat Archery Rules at Gulf War

>The evil anticombat archery forces are spreading vile rumors regarding the
>dangers of combat archry in order to bring about it's demise!
>OK OK!  I'm being slightly paranoid and exaggerating, but I do really want
>combat archers at Gulf War to know the following.  Please send this info to
>your combat archery buddies.
>1.  No bows over 30 pounds draw and no crossbows over 600 inch-pounds.  You
>shoot any type of society approved combat arrows or bolts.  (Trimarian
>crossbows may not be over 600 inch-pounds OR 75 pounds of draw.)  You may
>your golf tube arrows, but you must use a 30 pound bow.
>2.  Write you name and kingdom on all your shafts and blunts.
>3.  Make sure your Baldar Blunts, Thistle Missles, Markland heads etc,  are
>taped on very well.  Inspect your arrows before you bring them.  Don't be
>if they need to be retaped, DO IT!
>4.  Don't shoot anyone any closer than 15 feet.
>5.  Archers are touch kill.  If you don't want to risk being hit, stay away
>from the guys with the big sticks.
>6.  For more info go to:
>Shoot straight at anybody but me.
>Sir Erika
>Linda L. Archer
>11717 SW 99 Ave
>Gainesville, FL 32608
>archerbear at

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