ANST-Announce - Westgate Winter Collegium Feast

Suzanne Powell scpowell at
Mon Jan 3 19:24:35 PST 2000

Unto the populace of Ansteorra does Lady Suzanne de la Ferte send greetings. 
  To those of you planning to attend the Westgate Winter Collegium on 
February 12th of this year, I bring tidings of the delectable Feast of Love 
that will be awaiting your senses.

>From the archives of the ancients and those of our contemporaries, a feast 
has been created from those foods considered to be aphrodisiacs ...

To whet the appetite
     Country French Bread
     Garlic Herb Butter
     Honey Butter

For the Second Course, A choice between
     Chebolace                  (Savory Green Soup) or
     Oysters in Cyvee           (Oyster Stew)

Third Course
     Alloyaux de Beuf           (Beef Rolls)
     Rapum Armatum              (Turnips Baked with Cheese)
     Togli Cipolle              (Roast Onion Salad)

Fourth Course
     Hennys in Gauncelye        (Roast Chicken in Garlic Sauce)
     Cariota                    (Roasted Carrots)
     Pois en Cosse              (Peascods)

     A Baked Mete               (Custard & Pear Pie)
     Chireseye                  (Cherry Bread Pudding)

Feast will be limited to the first 72 gentles to make reservations (contact 
me at scpowell at  The fee for this feast will be $6.00 per 
person.  No special arrangements have been made for children's portions.

As a side note -- please contact me via email to make your reservations.  
(If you leave a message on my answering machine, the next time I will be 
able to pick it up is January 23rd.)

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