WR - WE DID IT!!!!

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    From: H.L. Agnarr Thorvaldsson <agnarr at apex2000.net>
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    Date: Thursday, January 06, 2000 11:04 PM
    Subject: WR - WE DID IT!!!!
    Unto the Members of the Western Region I thought I would stand up for our Group and Crow. We just got Confirmation that our Name and Device has finally Passed laurel.   So we are now Officially known as Crossrode Keep and our device is emblazoned as follows:
    . Argent, on a saltire gules a tower Or, overall a laurel wreath vert.
    Now for us to make certain that we become the Next Full Shire in the Kingdom
    HL Agnarr Thorvaldsson
    Herald Crossrode Keep

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