WR - Regional War Practice Feb 20th

Marcus Hite mbhite at arn.net
Fri Jan 21 20:07:55 PST 2000


Unto the western region we call you to arms. Sharpen your sword we're getting ready for war!

A Day of fun and enjoyment is promised.  Sunday, Feb 20th after Bards n Arts.  There will be a Regional Practice starting at 10:00 am at Adlersruhe's local practice site.
                                                                                     Come enjoy the event, and learn a few of the gentler arts
                                                                                                  The next day we prepair for war

The web page has been updated:  http://users.arn.net/~mbhite/ba99.htm

May we meet on the field as friends,
Marquet de la Heyt
Cadet to Don Donovan
Queen's Royal Guard

Thomas Jenkins wrote:

> Greetings unto the populace of the Western Region!
> Gulf Wars is once again making the march against the calendar, and us, and time is running out. I would like to propose that we hold at least one more regional war practice before we must march into the breach once again...
> How about one of the following weekends... Feb 12, 19, 26... and which day is better for most, Saturday or Sunday?
> Most of this will hinge on when our illustrious Western Region Warlord Ozy is available...
> So... what do ya' say?
> Ld. Logan Macleod
> of the Clan Macleod
> KM Crossrode Keep
> Squire to Sir Aaron
> "I have some thing to say! It's better to burn out, than to fade away!"
> - The Kurgen
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