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> Greetings unto the Rapier Community of Ansteorra and Her populous!
> Do to life and little mishaps the directions for my upcoming Queen's Champion
> did not make their way into the Black Star.  In light of Murphy's law I would
>  ask that this information be posted to all lists throughout the kingdom and
> printed off for all good gentles who would make the trip and honor me by
> attending my Champion Tournament.
> Directions from Web Site:
> Take your best route to Belton, Texas.
> >From the North take Hwy 190 west and exit on Loop 121.
> >From the South exit on Loop 121 and go west.
> Stay on Loop 121 going north, it dead ends on Hwy 430.  Turn west on 439 and
> go approximately 1 mile.  The site will be on the South side of the road
> across from "Franks Lakeview Inn".
>  In addition the web site address is http://www2.stonemedia.com/tempio.  Click
>  on Events and then Queen's for map.
> Please also note Tables are required for feast.
> **In addition, on Sunday morning I will be having the first Guardian's of
> the Queen's Hope, Youth Rapier Tournament.  I will be choosing the child that
> most represents what I feel will be the future of rapier both on and off the
> field.
> I hope to see you all at Queen's Champion -- I am positive the day will be
> grand!
> Kayleigh, Queen
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