ANST-Announce - A Coronation Thank You

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Wed Jan 26 21:38:30 PST 2000

Greetings from the Stewards of Coronation

We would like to extend a very warm and hardy round of applause to our crews for Coronation. We have heard nothing but compliments from everyone about the success of Coronation. And to top it off the SCA was out of the hall by 11:15 p.m., a record we're told. What team work and we are truly blessed to live in a place where everyone helps. 

An event of this magnitude can't happen by itself. The following are the folks who did all the work. We salute them because they made it happen. (If we have missed your name it was not on purpose only a slight to Arabella's bookkeeping.) 

Daniel Stewart, Daniel of Cameron, Dana Mac an Ghabhann, Bice di Pietro, Anezka of Thornhold, Layla Al Tabizi, Siobhon Ui Niall, Mara of Rede, Elenor da la Broke, Galiena Gruenstein , Juilana McClaine, Brighid of Glenbaun, Philippe Descors, Elizabeth du Bois, Patrick Crosby , Master Peturccio, Elizabeth Hawkwood, Krzystof Kopernik , Juilanna Vertue, Anne Dragonslayer, Randol Hartman, the rest of the kitchen folks whom we don't have all the names, Ameline du Bois, Cassandre Palfrey, Innes Dee, Timothy of Glastonbury, Niklas Vasilievich of Ravensfort, Ingve of York, Alys Duriveau, Erc fitz Mongo, Raimond George de Mora, Padraig Ruad O'Maolagain, Karrick, Robert of Slugglen, Alexander Shanasie, Katya Ulibak, Caelin on Andrede, Ker Megan of Taransay (Pyro), Llywelyn Gruffydd, Airaklee Wolf, Ceinwen ferch Rhuel, Tanwyn Aneria, and Lori Guiles, Bjorn Grimmson, David Cade, Vallust de Bonwicke - Baron of Bonwicke, and Midal fitzsimmons de Twin Cedars of Ravensfort, Borek Vitalievich, Pepin de Moronis and Muriel Fitzloyd. 

Events like this require many hands to make light work. We thank you very much for your hard work and dedication.

Life is Great in Elfsea

Arabella de Montacute and Stella Silvana

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