WR - Sentinel winners

S. m Mount lilystar at juno.com
Sun Oct 8 12:15:34 PDT 2000

Despite the cold and drizzly weather we had an excellent turnout for
Blacklake Sentinel here in the Western Region. 
Here are the winners for the event:

Sentinel - Lord Jaspar Codrington
Lady of Love & Beauty - Lady Oriana de Francesco
Light weapons winner (three times in a row) - Baron Theordric 
A & S competition - Lady Ameline DuBois
Mongo's Highland games: 
Sheep toss - Milord Matt
Kaber toss - Milord Bran
Rock carry - Lord Thorbjorn Sigrunsson
New event: Virgin carry - Lord Chiang Shi Moose
Gracious virgin was Lady Elizabeth Pips LaRue

Thankyou all who helped with the event: Gerald, Ghiamna, LyKate,
Theordric, Catarina,
Bodach, Augen, Moose, Oriana, Galen, Konrad, Godfrey, and Ryah.
Thankyou Theordric, Chiang and Mistress Marthe for helping with the
Thankyou Alyna and George for handling the childrens activities.
Thankyou Revekka and Larkin with Arts & Sciences competition.
Thanks go to the wonderful people who taught the classes:
Glass Bead making: Lady Ameline DuBois
Needlework: HL Augustina Minerva de Orleans
Archery - Mistress Aselyn 
Thanks to my feast crew:  Lord Sigrun, Master Rosario, Mistress Ulrica,
Lady George, Lord Bodach, Lady Revekka, Lady Elizabeth and HL Isabella.

If I left anyone out, my apologies. Thankyou all.
In Service, 
HL Adelaide Walcheman
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