WR - Fw: ARN - Cheap Blades.

Marcus Hite mbhite at arn.net
Thu Oct 19 17:08:35 PDT 2000


If you are looking or cheap Epee blades,   there's a sitte below for unwired
blades for $11.00....I do not know how good the plades are,  but the price
is great.  I do this post info off another list   thanks Isobel  ...read
below for info

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> Hurricane Floyd visited our warehouse and reached some of our trademark
> "Best Blades" This sale is NOT for a complete weapon! This is a Bare
> Electric Epee blade, which normally sells for $$26.00. If we were to
> sell complete weapons at $11.00 we will have to really cut back on the
> amount of Vodka we consume.Great blade for a great price! Save A LOT OF
> CASH by buying this blade for only $11.00. Hey! Hurricanes do have
> positive results. For you!
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> I don't know if this means that they got rusted, or what.  They are
> Russian blades.  However, at $11.00....I bought five.  I hope that
> they're good.  Heck, with the FL problem I end up with Russian blades,
> anyhow.

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