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While this would be quite a feather in the Region's cap as well as a way for
our people to show off, I have reservations about it being so far off.  I
would be more than willing to help in whatever way I can as well.  I do not
wish to be in charge of this, but will be a deputy or just a general
dogsbody.  We net to get this thing going though if we are going to do it.

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>Any takers?  If so, we need to get organized ASAP.  E-mail me very
>quickly if anyone's interested.
>In Service,
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>> Their Highnesses would like to hold coronation at Sokol Hall in
>Ennis. This
>> is the same site as Gunther and Sara's Coronation and the same site
>> Steppes Twelfth Night.
>> I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to for the western
>region to
>> put together a bid for coronation. I realize that this is not in the
>> region, but I think the region could really benefit form this and it
>> be more likely after a Coronation held by this region that an actual
>> coronation could be held in the western region. IF this region is
>> I will need a bid before Nov. 1st, including a menu. We can have
>> work as site liaison for you. In fact Lady Arabella will be site
>liaison and
>> can answer any question you might have.
>> I hope the western region will take advantage of this opportunity.
>> Please get back with me as soon as possible
>> Master Richard Fairbourne
>> Kingdom Seneschal
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