WR - Fw: Coronation

Jacque jacquelight at cableone.net
Sat Oct 21 09:31:01 PDT 2000

My understanding is that the Kingdom has chosen two "permanent" sites for
Coronation to be held.  Sokol Hall is one of these.  It is a great facility,
however, I have some true reservations about all this.  I guess I am a
little out in the cold as to why this was changed.  Perhaps someone could
forward that information to the list so that we might have a more informed
discussion.  Tradition has held that the couple who wins Crown has gotten to
choose where they wanted their celebration to be.  Most have home
Shires/Baronies who wanted to do this service for their Prince and Princess
I know that if I were ever in that position, I would want the ceremony close
to home, done by those who know me best.


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