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Melinda aerin at tcac.net
Tue Oct 24 06:22:39 PDT 2000

> aerin at tcac.net has been added to western.
> Will you please introduce yourselves to the group?
*Looks at Larkin and laughs* Dearest Larkin, I think you know who I
am, but for those of you that might not, I am Lady Aerin of
Adlersruhe, Treasurer of Adlersruhe, Deputy Hospitaler and Seneschal
of Adlersruhe. Always willing to help and work. Ready and able to be
of any assistance for Coronation.

Pledge of The Black Company under Lady Celeste Alinor Courtenay de
Sister of Faolo'n de Louzac
Daughter of the Chieftan of the Clan of Macbraun
Daughter of the Gypsy "Lady Kyleena of the Rom"
Honorary member of House Vladescue (An Tir)
Member of House Silver Channel (undernet channel #SCA)

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