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I would like to thank everyone who braved the winds and rains of the Western Region of Ansteorra to attend Mendersham's Defender.  
The weather held long enough for the contests (just barely), then the heaven's opened up and poured bad weather.  Master Rosario generously opened his home in Abilene, where feast was served after the court of Their Excellencies, Vallust and Ascelyn  It was a bit crowded, but it worked.

Mendersham's Defender is once again the Honorable Lord Chiang Ti Lung
Mendersham's Rapier Defender is once again Don Robin.
Newcomer Rapier was won by Angus Matheson
Archery was won by James Moore
A&S Defender is Lord Jasper Condrington

Mongo's Celtic Games were won by Gwen of the Sea, George and Bobbi for the women's division, and Wilim Penbras, Mongo, and Aaron for the men's division.

I would like to thank all my shire members who donated prizes or funds for prizes, and especially the White Wolf Trading Company for the special price for the main gauche and the prompt delivery of the rattan and siloflex, and to His Grace, Duke Baldar Longstrider of Trimaris for the donation of two and a half dozen baldar blunts.

Thank you, George and Angus for making sure that I was eating. 

A special thanks to Angus and Byron for coming to site early for set up and staying late for cleanup, and willing to do anything anytime anywhere for the autocrat.  You guys were super. 

And Gwen of the Sea for making those wonderful archery targets and those sheep.  By the way, Wilim Penbras, you didn't pick up your sheep to take home with you.  The big one with all the cotton balls that was at gate.  That's your prize for tossing the little one the furthermost.  Let me know where I should bring it or which group representative I can give it to next time I see them<G>.

I wish to thank the list mistresses, Sayfie and Revekka, and the good gentles who marshaled the lists.  Torshiro who graciously agreed to run the rapier lists. And Mongo for bringing his games.  And Master Rosario for the wonderful feast, and of course their Excellencies de Bonwicke for gracing our event with their court.  And Lady Ceriwyn for waterbearing.

All in all, an event here in the Western Region is so much fun, mainly because of all the pitching in that everyone does to make sure that a good time is had.  

I know that I have undoubtedly forgotten someone, please forgive me.  I had a great time, and hope that you all did too.  

It is my understanding that the Western Region has gotten the bid for Coronation.  It's time to show the rest of the Kingdom who can really throw a party<G>.  

Lady AmaRyah 
Autocrat, Mendersham Defender 

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