ANST-Announce - Central regional seneschal

Dale, Richard N DaleRN at
Wed Sep 6 10:22:37 PDT 2000

Sorry for this post for those people not in the Central region.
Baroness Dana  the current central regional seneschal will be stepping down
at coronation in January. Dana has and is doing a wonderful job. I would at
this time like to start taking applications for the position of Central
Regional Seneschal.
Job minimum requirements are as follows:
A working phone
working and reliable email
ability to travel
Paid membership with access to a monthly blackstar.
I will be taking applications until Oct 31st. Please send an application to
myself and a copy to Baroness Dana. If you have any questions about the
position and responsibilities be sure to ask Baroness Dana.
A decision on the position will be made in November to allow a smooth
transfer of the office in the central region.
Each person applying will be interviewed.
Thank you for your time.

Master Richard Fairbourne
Kingdom Seneschal

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