WR - Gothic Thank You's --kinda long

Chiang chiang at odsy.net
Wed Sep 6 22:26:39 PDT 2000

  Greetings to One and All,
 I would like to take a few minutes to express my thanks to the many people
that help to make Gothic Wars the event it was. There is no way that one
person could have done it all.
  I want to thank the nearly 400 people that braved the Western Ansteorran
sun to attend Gothic. Please forgive me if I leave someone's name out. It is
not intentional believe me, it is from an exhaustion clouded mind.
  Many thanks to Lady Ceridwyn for all her help in water bearing and
organizing it all. Much has been said about the water bearers last weekend.
All I can do is add my thanks to theirs. It would have been a very short
weekend without you.
  To HL Isabella In Carboni and all those that worked the gate and made the
event report so easy to do. The long hours into the early morning dealing
with all those little bugs. Thanks again.
  HE Eleanor who took care of more than just the A&S stuff. I feel that you
were far more help to me this year than I was to you last year.
  Ldy Magdalena and Ld Toshiro for handling the Light fighting when Ld
Marquet was unable to make it. Wish I had time to see some of it.
  Also the ones who marshaled the tourneys and melees. In particular Ldy
Sofiye, Ld Gerrold and several others whose names escape me at the moment.
  My two emergency heralds. Rufus and Gerrold. There will be a little extra
in your pay envelope. Gerrold you seemed to be almost everywhere I was.
  I want to thank the branches of the Western Region. Blacklake, whom I
forgot to mention in Court. Adlersruhe for the site tokens. Crossroad Keep,
Trelac, Bonwicke and Mendersham. I have heard it claimed that it takes a
village, but in our case it takes a region. Anytime I asked for some help
all I got was "What do you need and when do you want it?" Many thanks to all
of you.
  Their Excellencies Vallust and Asclyn for all their support. Their
Majesties for being there and making it special to me and many others.
  The House Amazons for their Charity Auction for the Warchest.
  To those that ran so many local errands when I lived so far away. Ldy
Jadwega you were a big help. Master Rosario and crew (you know who you
are<G>), for feeding the Crown and it seemed like everyone else on Sunday
night. Ldy Ryah who ran more than a few of them as well as watching over me
during the weekend. Ldy Alima (George) for the drumming, making sure that I
ate, and other things. And last but not least Ldy Revekka who was a fountain
of support and encouragement. For putting up with me when I didn't think I
was going to pull it all off.
  If I left anyone out, and I am sure that I did, I am truly sorry. I thank
you for letting me thank some of the many people that helped to make this a
very fun and memorable event. Once again thanks to all who came out to show
their support and have a lot of fun, even in the heat and dust.
  Yours in service,
  HL Chiang, a recovering Autocrat

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