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Jeremy Ketchersid vonhalberstadt at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 15 09:44:14 PDT 2000

Greetings unto the populace of the Western Region of Ansteorra from
Herr Sigmund Theodoric von Halberstadt, Esquire, Equinox Herald.

I am over half way through my tenure as your regional herald, and
have decided to inform all of you where we as a region are and where
we can go from here.

Heraldry of the region: We have none, I checked.  We can, with the
permission of the Crown, register a name and/or badge through the
Kingdom for the use of the region and its people.  I have heard that
the people of the region have used a badge for a "Western Region
Alliance," but any such use is still unregistered and unofficial.

Heraldry around the region:  Each shire may, in addition to its name
and device, register up to three additional names (for guilds,
fighting units, etc.)  and up to three badges.  Adlersruhe has a
badge, while Mendersham has a guild name and its badge.  No other
shire has registered anything extra yet.  The Barony of Bonwicke is
not limited.  It may register as many names and/or badges as they
want, just like the Kingdom. So far, Bonwicke has one extra name
(the Western Cross of Bonwicke).Every group, as well as anyone
holding a grant-level or higher award, may register an achievement.
Mendersham has already done so, and the other groups are welcome to.

This office:  When I first took this office, I promised Sir
Maximillian that I would get more heralds in the region.  With seven
months left in my tenure, I think I have gotten that done.  We could
ALWAYS use more help.  On that note, I need deputies.  I am looking
for people who are interested in heraldry in general, and don't mind
learning how to do this job at the same time.  It does not obligate
you to be the next regional herald.  I would like to have as many
people possible trained with plenty of time before this office comes
open for applications.

In trying to be the "fill-in" herald for two groups in the region, I
am trying to make sure all of the awards given to people in those
groups (and the region) are up-to-date in the Order of Precedence.
With enough information and help, I will try to compile all of this
information into a "Regional Order of Precedence."

What is still needed: There can never be enough heraldic display. Display is 
one of the little things we can all do that makes our game more real. Local 
heralds do a very useful job, but there are not enough people volunteering 
for the offices.

The heraldry of the Western Region is growing and becoming great; with your 
help and input it can be better than any other region. So the question I ask 
now is, what do we want to do now? Please ask any questions you might have 
on this list, or ask your local herald.
Thank you.

    "May you be excited by our Dream."
   Herr Sigmund Theodoric von Halberstadt
  Equinox Herald
Per bend sinister Or and sable, an eagle close purpure and a wildcat 
couchant to sinister argent
"Semper vigilans"

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