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Wed Sep 27 19:22:18 PDT 2000

The proposed policy on linking to branch websites has been tabled for now.

Please continue to voice your opinions on this matter so that we can help
form a policy that is both workable and acceptable.

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Subject: Linking Policy being tabled

Greetings once more to the Kingdom Chroniclers and Kingdom Web Ministers of
our Knowne World,

Please spread the word:

Due to the quantity of email being received on the linking policy proposal,
the EPM will not be submitting the proposal for consideration at the
October meeting after all. We are going to go ahead and table the matter
for now so that we can continue to review the commentary from the populace.
It has been made clear that this policy will need to be carefully reworked
and possibly expanded to address the myriad concerns that have been brought
to our attention.

I would like to thank those members of the populace who managed to remain
courteous while expressing their concerns.

Ross E. Wilkins

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