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People of Ansteorra,

With the printing of the October Blackstar so starts the chase of the
Assassins Guild.  Wishing everyone to have a good idea what to expect
(and a good time), I am reprinting a question asked by one of the Royal
entourage and it's answer.  If there are any questions, please contact
me at the numbers below.  I hasten to point out that I am working as a
liaison only and do not actively take part in any assassination
attempts.  Please, don't shoot the referee just because you don't like
the call.  I sincerely wish the best of luck to Allyson and Timo.

Marius Atreidae

>ldeerslayer at          wrote:
>  Since TRM have allowed the contract on their lives
>  and this will affect all of us all we do
>  as entourage...Marius...will you please post the
>  "rules of engagement"
> L

Subject: Re:  The Assassin Game
           Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 01:30:03 -0500
         From:  AMH/DBLJ <orthart at>
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 Yes, I will be glad to address the issue.  There are several places
the Royal contracts differ from the Guild Charter.

First of all I have assured Their Royal Majesties that no assassins will

move against them unless I have personally reviewed an individuals plan
agreed that it is safe and appropriate.  Approval of a local liaison is
adequate for the Royal contracts.

There will be no attempts at Three Kings, Crown Tourney or Coronation.
other events are fair game.  If the Royal Victims survive till they
step-down they have successfully evaded the Guild.

The contracts are individual.  That is to say that just because an
is made on him doesn't mean that an attempt is being made on her.  Just
because an attempt is successful on her doesn't mean that the contract
over for him too.  There are really two contracts.

Attempts will be made to capture or kill assassins ACTIVELY executing
contracts.  If a chase of an assassin, victim or bodyguard occurs and
wish to capture someone simply lay both hands on them and they must
It's like "two hands anywhere touch football" except when you've been
tagged you are considered bound and gagged and unable to call out to

ALL bodyguards, assassins and other participants will read and adhere to

the Assassins Guild Charter and other special limitations strictly.
Please, no rough actions of any kind by any party.  If you feel that you

may get carried away and break any of the rules you should not play the
Assassins game.  The functional word for this game is FUN, not win.

Below is a reprint of the announcement that will be published in the
October Blackstar as well as a copy of the Assassins Guild Charter.
fun, play nice.


Unto the populace of Ansteorra - This officially announces the
acceptance of death contracts in the Assassins Guild persona game by His
Royal Majesty Timotheos and Her Royal Majesty Allyson. Negotiations with
the Crown have concluded successfully with both agreeing to play in a
light-hearted spirit of fun.  As of the printing of this message in the
Blackstar their lives
are forfeit to the Assassins Guild.  Special terms, conditions and
limitations will be in effect.  Absolutely NO ONE IS TO MAKE AN ATTEMPT
acting liaison between The Guild and Their Royal Majesties.
Unauthorized attempts will not be tolerated and will be dealt with
harshly by The Guild and the Crown.  ALL bodyguards, assassins and other
participants will read and adhere to the Assassins Guild Charter and
other special limitations strictly.  To obtain a copy of The Guild
Charter and relevant information contact Lord Marius, aka Douglas B.
LeJeune at 281-367-3409 or orthart at or 27274 Orth Lane ?
Conroe, Tx. 77385.  In closing, I remind you that even if the attempts
are successful there will be no loss of persona for Their Royal Victims.


This is the public charter of the Assassins Guild of Ansteorra. The main
purpose of the Guild is to create a sinister atmosphere to add to the
enjoyment of others in the S.C.A.   We feel that assassins were as much
a part of Medieval, and especially Renaissance life as knights and their
code of honor.  The Guild allows non-fighters to experience the thrills
of the hunt and pretend deaths that were before now reserved for
warranted fighters only.  The main point being that this is just a game,
and the rules listed below ensure FUN and SAFETY.  We will not
permanently kill off any persona, unless the the VICTIM wishes her/his
persona to die.

The Guild will print articles in local newsletters about guild
activities and assassinations in history.

Mistress Edwina Dirks Sterne is the Guild Principal.  She and Lord
Marius Atreidae, her Liaison, handle business matters only and do not
participate in any assassination attempts.

All contracts will be paid in advance either in goods or service.  The
Guild has a sliding scale of rates depending on the status of the
intended victim.  The price must include a gift from the purchaser to
the victim to be awarded at the discretion of the Guild for an
awe-inspiring death.  This gift is considered a full wergild price and
is paid to the victim ONLY.  We do not guarantee results and there are
no refunds.  The Guild may also be hired for pretend kidnappings.  It is
harder to capture someone than to assassinate them so the price may be
slightly higher.  Again, there are no guarantees.

Only guild principals will know the identity of the purchaser and they
ain’t talkin’.  Victims will be notified suggesting that he/she take
appropriate measures for her/his safety.  If any potential victim has a
strong objection to playing this game, they need only to express this
objection (in writing preferably) to the guild principal.  We will then
refund the price of the assassination and consider the contract voided.
All written refusals will be kept on file for future reference.

When a contract is accepted by a victim, that victim is fair game at any
ONE EVENT from that moment.  We choose the event and we don’t tell which
one.  It doesn’t matter if the ONE EVENT is the next day or several
months later.  We stress the phrase “ONE EVENT” because, once an attempt
has been made, if the victim lives to see the end of that ONE EVENT,
he/she has
successfully terminated the contract.  Of course if the intended victim
makes a mad dash for the door once an attempt has been made she/he will
be denounced as a cowardly cur.

We reserve the right to refuse any job.  We will not take a contract on
any ruling or soon to rule Royalty : Queen, King, Crown Prince, Crown
Princess, Princess or Prince. (unless they agree to it in the spirit of
fun)  We will not accept any political contracts, nor any contracts that
involve hard feelings between parties.  Our contracts are strictly for
fun and amusement.

The Guild cannot be bought by the victim to prevent assassination.  We
will attempt to finish any job accepted.  Of course, victims can hire us
to assassinate whomever they think is behind their death.


Absolutely no assassination attempt will be executed without first
contacting Mistress Edwina or a local liaison and securing their
approval !!!

No interfering with the running of any event or court not our own.
No interfering with fighters on the field or any other function of
events not our own.
No assassinations at Crown Tournaments, Coronations or other Kingdom
events where assassinations would be inappropriate.  However, if the
Crown wants something done...we will oblige for a price.

Assassins WILL be polite to everyone at all times.  The fact that we
pretend to murder should not be an excuse to be rude, lie, cheat or
steal.  Even an Assassin is only as good as his/her word.  ALL players
shall keep control of their tempers at all times.  If a conflict should
arise seek a Principal or Liaison to settle the dispute.

We will do all we can to avoid physically active assassinations, meaning
we will not do anything that might lead to wrestling or other physical
struggling.  All our attempts will be low-key and subtle, thus
protecting our identities, and keeping the disturbance at a minimum.

If you wish to capture someone simply lay both hands on them and they
must stop.  Once someone is captured they are considered gagged so there
can be no cries for help.  This method is good to capture ANYONE playing
our game.

Absolutely no going into tents or camp areas UNLESS INVITED.  Sleeping
people are sacred and forbidden.  Suddenly awaking a person is

Absolutely no live weapons or fake weapons that look real !   The only
weapon that the Guild actually touches a person with is a boffer
dagger.  An Assassins Guild boffer dagger is made by wrapping silver
duct tape loosely around soft hollow pipe winterizing insulation foam
which can be found at any hardware store.  No PVC, CPVC, golf tubes,
Siloflex or anything other than foam and tape may be used in
construction of Assassins Guild boffer daggers.  Daggers should be
blunt, no longer than approximately nine inches long, above all soft,
and marked with electrical
tape to show the cutting edge.  Green indicates poison.  A light touch
with a green marked boffer delivers instant death.  Even a Polaroid
photo of a mysterious hand holding a boffer at someone's back is a good
kill.  ( Don’t forget to roll up your sleeve and take off rings so you
won’t be identified in the picture.)

The Assassins Guild does NOT follow the “Youth Combat Rules” for boffer
weapons.  No one under the age of eighteen is allow to participate in
any Assassins Guild boffer activities.

A suggested alternative to the boffer is the dreaded GREEN STICKY DOT
!!!!!!!   Simply wonder up and stick it on.  Do not poke with a stiff
finger as some people bruise easily.  Never put your hands in
inappropriate places.  Remember, all our attempts are low key.

Absolutely no projectile weapons, rubber or otherwise, that are actually
shot or thrown at the victim.  This includes water or other liquids.  A
weapon can be present, and a note given to the victim stating that it is
noticeably present, and to imagine an arrow in the chest.  Also, taking
a Polaroid photo down an EMPTY crossbow works well.  But no real firing
of weapons !

No fake animals that look real, such as snakes or spiders.

No solid objects that could cause a person to choke will be placed in
food or drink.  Absolutely no internal medications or allergenic foods
are to be used, PERIOD !  This includes Metholyn Blue or anything like
it.  Some people are even allergenic to nuts.

All fake “poison” must be period to the Middle Ages.  Anyone using fake
“poison” must somehow be able to relate its name to the victim.  A
victim may redeem her/his life by having a working knowledge of poisons
and selecting the correct, previously arranged antidote with
documentation. (Unicorn horns and things of the sort are not
acceptable.)   Fake “poison”
should be placed in or on food, drink, plates, mugs, knives, spoons,
paper, cloth, etc... so as to allow the victim or a food tester a
possibility of discovery.  (Again, green indicates poison and dots are

If, by chance, you find yourself face to face and alone with your
assassin when your death blow falls you are bound by your honor NOT to
reveal her/his identity.  If this were real life, there would be no
witnesses and “dead men/women tell no tales”.

Once an assassination has been completed, the body may be carried off by
grieving friends or left to be healed.  Healing is our weakest area, but
most common means of reviving the victim is a kiss from an appropriate
friend or relative.  Once revived, a Guild Liaison will give the victim
the gift that was supplied by the purchaser.  The gift will be a sign
that the contract has been fulfilled and the game is over, with no loss
of persona, unless loss of persona is requested by the victim.

If the victim hires body guards and taste-testers, and if one should
accidentally die, we feel it is the victim’s responsibility to take care
of funeral expenses.  We feel that, although we did not seek permission
to do them in, the fact that they agree to work for the victim in
positions automatically assumes they give permission to possibly be

We do not recognize any other assassins group.  Assassinations were not
that common.  More people died in battle than by assassination.  We can
not allow anyone outside the Guild to attempt assassinations, if only
for safety reasons.  The guild has worked hard to keep this safe, going
so far as to do away with most physical contact with the victim.  Only
when the victim is told ahead of time and gives permission do we play.
We will not tolerate other individuals attacking our victims or anyone
else who might not even be playing.  Anyone who is the victim of an
unauthorized attempt, meaning someone who was not asked by Mistress
Edwina ahead of time to be a victim or is not working for a victim of
the Guild should ignore the attempt (don’t die) AND report the attempt
to an Assassins Guild Liaison, the area Royalty, the Seneschal or
someone with authority who can deal with the problem.  If other people
take it on themselves to kill indiscriminately, they put the whole
assassin game in jeopardy.  This will not be tolerated by this guild and
we will deal harshly with any offenders, as will the local royalty, if
not the Crown themselves.  If you want to be an assassin, contact The
Evil Mistress of Death, Edwina Dirks Sterne at 816-847-5191 or one of
the local liaisons listed below any day before 10:PM.

Local branches may be set up with prior written approval by Mistress
Edwina.  No assassination attempt will be executed without first
contacting Mistress Edwina and securing her approval.  Newly forming
branches will show this charter to the officers and populous of the area
and will report back to Mistress Edwina the group reaction.  Anyone with
an opinion about the formation of an Assassins Guild in their area can
contact Mistress Edwina directly.  When everyone understands the ground
rules, it is easier to keep tabs on assassins and to punish rule
breakers.  Any deviation from this charter may result in Branch
Assassins’ rights being revoked!!!

In the spirit of the game a do good “Vigilante” group called the
Citizen’s Militia has been created to combat the Assassins’ Death
Squads.  These Vigilantes may serve as bodyguards for those in need, but
their main purpose is to capture or kill assassins actively executing
contracts.  The Citizen’s Militia follows all rules set by this charter
as do any that play this game.  Anyone needing their help or wishing to
join the Militia please contact the number listed below.

>From time to time The Guild holds it’s own event called “Black, White
and Sort of Gray “ where some of the above procedures may differ.  When
in doubt seek out Mistress Edwina or Lord Marius and ask.  “Black, White
and Sort of Gray” is an Assassins Guild event that may be sponsored by
any local group.  After negotiations with interested groups the final
decision of sponsorship lies solely with the Assassins Guild Principals.

In closing we remind you, assassinations are a very controversial
subject, and only by following public rules and remaining as safe as
possible will we be allowed to continue.  Your cooperation and
participation are greatly appreciated.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Please disregard all Guild Charters dated before XI of XXXIV  ( Nov.
1999 )

Assassins Guild Principal :       Mistress Edwina Dirks Sterne,     Sue
Wallis                     816-847-5191
1417 N. Rust Rd. - Grand Valley, Mo. 64029
SWallis at

Raven’s Fort Liaison :             Lord Marius Atreidae,
Douglas B. LeJeune      281-367-3409
27274 Orth Lane - Conroe, Tx. 77385
orthart at

Loch Soilleir Liaison :             Lord Phillip (Mouse) Navarre,
Paris Chelette               281-837-0799
1200 Northwood #2512 - Baytown, Tx. 77521
pmouse at

Citizens Militia :                     (Ld.) Capt.
AdrianNavarre,          Gary Chelette              281-561-5202
10003 Leawood Blvd. - Houston, Tx. 77099
navarre at


A few closing words of advice from Lord Marius to those of you working
as assassins... Do not tell ANYONE that you are working as an assassin
!!!  In Medieval times assassins were executed and besides, your best
friend or your wife / husband could be your next target.  Also, if you
have a question or complaint do not hesitate to contact Mistress Edwina
directly or your local liaison.  We always want to hear from you and the
more we network between ourselves the stronger our web becomes.
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