WR - Alternate Addressed

Jesus Cavazos toshirokoi at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 30 10:56:06 PDT 2001

>From: grlgeorge at ivillage.com
>Subject: WR - Alternate Addressed
>Date: 30 Apr 2001 10:43:02 -0700
>Greetings to the West...
>{ you look thirsty..........water?}
>Larkin brought up a point this weekend, that I thought was a good idea. The 
>folks on this list ought to give Larkin an alternate email address, 
>because, if for some reason or another, he sends something to the list, but 
>certian addresses get bounced back, then he will have a way of letting you 
>know that your {list} mail bounced.
>if you don't want another address out in the "open", you can probably email 
>Larkin privatly.
>whadda ya'll think?
>george~ (
>who is not afraid of being out in the open)bwwwaahahahahaha
>grlgeorge at ivillage.net  (list mail)
>grlgeorg at nts-online.net  (alternate)

But we'd have to remember, and check, two addresses. And would we get double 


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