[Bonwicke] Kingdom Rapier Melee Practices

Marcus Hite mbhite at arn.net
Thu Jul 12 05:54:00 PDT 2001

Greetings unto the Western Region,

I wanted to get a list of Kingdom and Regional rapier  practices out to the
populous so that anyone wanting to attend can make plans.  The practces are
on Sunday after the events listed.  ....below is a list of what is planed so

  7-8th Coronation (is past)  we had over 30 fighters and a GREAT time!
  20-22 Queen's -- there will be a large turn out here! a
   3rd Regional practice in Bonwicke   -more to come on this soon
  31-2 Gothic  **This our event, I want everyone there! **
  7-9 Stargate Baronial
  14-16 Defender of the Fort/Moonschadowe
   21-23 Elfsea Defender
   26-30 Bryn Gwlad/Wiesenfeuer
   12-14 Namron/Battle of the Pines
   19-21 Bjornsborg Baronial
   16-17 Autumn Melees/Northkeep 5th Baronial Anniversary
   29-1 Central Regional Tribute
   Holiday break no Kingdom  melee practices planned
   4-6 Coronation
    18-20(?)Academy of the Rapier  (central region) this event is still in
        planning stages should be around Waco area from what I have heard
   25-27 Queen's
    Not sure yet
What we have been waiting for GULF WARS!!!

Not only will these be great practices, but they are planned around good
events as well,  there should be a bunch of fighters at each of them.
Everyone can help the war effort  by attending these practice to fight,
marshal, waterbear, ...ect. Even if you cn't make the War you can help the
Western Region prepair.  I know  we have a great fighting force here in the
Western Region.   These kingdom practice can help mold us into a even
greater and more deadly fighting force.  Let's come out in force and prove
it to everyone else.

If your Group would like to host a regional practice on a date that is not
taken from the above list. Please contact me and we'll try to work something

May we meet on the Field as friends,
Marquet de la Hyet
Western Region Rapier Captian

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