[Bonwicke] Fw: send to Western Regional List

0zy Adams ozyadams at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 13 10:57:24 PDT 2001

 Greetings populace in the Western Region,

 I will shortly be embarking on a pilgrimage that will take me to a colder,
 distant land (Cleveland).  I will be returning periodically and I hope to
 encounter all of you when I do.  I have been truly honored to serve you in
 the position of Western Regional Youth Rapier Marshal.  Needless to say,
 western region will be in need of a youth rapier marshal.  If you are
 interested in applying for the position please send Mistress
 Aethelyan of Moondragon,  a letter of intent as soon as possible.  If you
 would like more information,
 you can contact Aethelyan at ezakes at PlanView.com

 I wish everyone the very best and I hope to see you soon.

 I remain in service to the Western Region of Ansteorra,
 Magdalena de Medina y Polanco
 Regional Rapier Youth Marshal

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