[Bonwicke] Western Regional Fighter Practice

Agnarr Thorvaldsson agnarr at apex2000.net
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Chaing thanks for getting this info out to everybody, I have been swamped with work this past two weeks and am now just getting caught up.

HL Agnarr
Seneschal, Crossrode Keep
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>   Okay folks,
> Here are the directions to the site for the Western Regional Fighter
> Practice. It will take place on Sunday, August 5th. The day after The King's
> Roundtable. In Crossroades Keep, Big Spring.
>   I would like to get the practice started at 10:00 AM. That will let us get
> in some fighting and melee work. We are working on having a cookout to feed
> people that showup and can have you on the road home after lunch.
>   Yours in Service,
>   Chiang Ti Lung
>   Western Regional Warlord and Knight's Marshal
> Directions below:
>   Coming from East and West: Take I-20 to Big Spring. Take the exit marked
> Hwy 87 South, heading south  through the city of Big Spring.
>   You will cross FM 700, and as you pass Wal-Mart and Movie Gallery, you
> will see Whipkey Road to your immediate right .
>   Take Whipkey to the stop sign (next to the tennis courts). Make a right at
> the stop sign. Road will dead end into another road, which you will make a
> left on.
>   Follow this road down the hill, and the pavillion (number two) will be the
> first one on your right.
>   Coming from North And South: Take Hwy 87 into Big Spring. If you are
> coming from the south, you will see Whipkey on the left, right across from
> Pizza Hut.
>   Coming from the north, follow the east and west directions as they read
> coming in on Hwy 87.
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