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Bran, I got your bounced message back for some reason today.  Sorry if no
one has contacted you.  It would be better if the Fray could come to Bonwick
that weekend or if y'all could reschedule.

Ryah, KM, Mendersham

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hi.  ryah here.  km, mendersham.  we hold our fighter practice on sunday at
Nelson Park on E.S. 11th Street
(State Hwy 36) between Judge Ely and Loop 322.  There is a map to the park
on our mendersham web site at
http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Realm/9469/calendar.html.  It is big enough
for a melee.  Are y'all thinking about Sat or Sun?

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>The Fray are coming to the west on October 12 weekend.  They are wanting to
meet in Abilene Sweetwater area for a war practice.  They are looking people
to fight with them at gulf this year.  They have already formed with the
Arthurian company and are looking to form a brigade including the western
region.  Ask around amongst your fighters to judge interest.  I would
appreciate one of the Abilene fighters getting on touch with me to find a
place to hold this event.
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