[Bonwicke] Fighters for Gulf

chiang chiang at odsy.net
Wed Oct 10 11:46:46 PDT 2001

    Greetings Again,
I am still in need of knowing who all is going to go to Gulf and fight with
the Western region. I would like to encourage as many to go as possible. We
will need to more than ever support the One Will Be King at Gulf Wars. When
he was Warlord, we fielded close to 30 fighters, I would like to top that.
This will be a time for the West to try and really shine.
  I am, for one, tired of people whining about not getting any recognition.
This is your chance to show the rest of the Kingdom what we can do. Do not
let this chance pass you by. Besides Gulf is one of the more fun wars to go
  I will be sponsoring a Regional Fighter practice this Saturday, here in
Bonwicke, in conjuction with our New Comers Revel. We will have a tourney
and do some melee practice after that. I promise you will get all the
fighting that you want, or as much as I can give you, whichever comes
  Once again, if you are planning on going to Gulf, please let me know. I
need to plan numbers and command structures.
  Thank you. Yours in Service,
  Chiang Ti Lung
   Western Regional Warlord and Marshal

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