[Bonwicke] Here an Anthrax, there an Anthrax, everywhere an Anthrax...

D & K Arrington strmridr at cox-internet.com
Sun Oct 21 12:52:19 PDT 2001

OK- duck.  Thorgrim/Darryl is speaking his mind again.  I give you this
warning, in case you want to delete this before reading my madness...

You have been warned...

Don't say I didn't warn you...

One last warning....

You asked for it....

It's in the House of Representatives
It's in the Senate
(Those of you who hate government, rejoice!)
It will be in your State in a minute!

It's in the bloody media (Dan Rather was sent a letter - his flunkys got
It's in the Postal Service (how many PS workers ATT have it?  New
numbers daily!)
It's a really awful nasty disease
Which makes most people nervous..

It's on your skin, it's on your kin, it's on your lungs and gums and

I do not like those "Brown lesions I have"
I say let's nuke those "Afghans who lied"

Ok - the rhymes are a little off, but you get the message.  Personally,
I say let's not pussyfoot around with this stuff.  While we're shooting
them by the dozens, they can be infecting us by the millions.  We HAVE
THE ULTIMATE DETERRENT, to them wiping out our population by the
scores/thousands/millions!  'BOUT DAMED TIME WE SAID "DFWTBNOP"!

Dubyah has already said that we won't make distictions between
terrorists and the nations that hide them.  That's been a long time
coming - it's the only way to fight this kind of infection.

I really don't care what any liberal, limp-wristed leftist is going to
say at this point, so if you have this mindset, don't even bother with a
reply.  You're going to regret your words when you're sucking your last
painful breath in the gutter, if you get your way.  It's not the
pacifist liberal who gave the pacifist liberal the right to stand up and
say "Live and let live"; it's the Soldier, the Sailor, the Marine, and
the Airman, who has paid that price with his/her precious blood draining
out of their bodies, into the cold brown mud, who put their lives
between the war and their beloved countries, who gave the pacifist
liberal (who will NOT fight) the 'right' to say "Make love, not war".

If they want to bump bellies with the big boys, it's time to bring out
the big gun, and show them that they cannot get away with this.  There
is an old axiom, much older than I am.  It states:  If the "crime" is
not worth doing, the "criminals" will not do the crime.

This has been shown in many societies, including the Arab world, where
you lose a hand for stealing.  In Taiwan, during WWII, the Japanese
(after their occupation) had ONE penalty for ANY crime:  loss of BOTH
hands.  In six months, there was NO crime on Taiwan.  It didn't matter
if you wakked a Japanese soldier, or stole an apple.  Same punishment.
Y'know, it worked - criminals found out quickly that it was NOT worth
the punishment.  And death was not the punishment - living was the

BUT, in the society of radical martyrs (terrorist religion, I guess), we
have to make a radical statement (it's all they understand).  We have to
do something.  Short of kidnapping all male terrorists, taking them to
Sweden and doing sex change operations on them and giving them back to
the Taliban/other-terrorist-group who would probably make them some kind
of really-weird martyr, we have to send one HEL of a statement.  We have
to say "the fires of Muspelheim itself will pale in comparison, if you
I'll be really, really MAD AS SURT if ONE of my friends (even Gavin!) or
daughters dies from the act of some punk-stupid-mad terrorist, when we
have the means to stop this kind of madness by showing them that they

You MUST make the crime "not worth doing".  Otherwise, what is the

I say we drop one of our biggest nukes we have on some uninhabited,
nowhere place, film it/tape it/make pictures, and send it to their
leadership, along with a note that says "Get the Allah-inspired picture,
dumbass???"  Harry Truman didn't have the problem with this that most of
our younger population seems to have, simply because our younger
population hasn't lost thousands/millions of their friends yet.

Must it always come to this??  Must we lose thousands/millions of
friends and relatives, before we come to our senses and say "DAMMIT,
THAT IS QUITE ENOUGH!!!!!"  with a big stick?

I've lost enough friends already.  Most in places that Clinton said "We
will find those responsible and bring them to justice."  Well, HE didn't
do shit; he let Osama and his buds flourish - and only the American
public has themselves to blame (they re-elected the lying bastard,
didn't they?).  And most of America didn't care, because those where
were killed were GI's, who (I'm not kidding, I've heard this one)
"signed up for it, so who cares?"

Anyone else "concerned" about opening their mail recently?  I sure
am...  afterall, 'you may have won a gazillion dollars in the Taliban
Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes'.  And if you think that disease
isn't communicable, think again...


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