[Bonwicke] Here an Anthrax, there an Anthrax, everywhere an Anthrax...

Charlie Cain / Larkin O'Kane larkinokane at cox-internet.com
Sun Oct 21 19:22:10 PDT 2001

First and last warning folks.  This is not the proper venue for this.

If you want to post about Anthrax, Sadam Insane, Osama ben Crazy etc...
at least tie it in with how it affects the Western Region of the Kingdom
of Ansteorra and/or the Society for Creative Anachronism in general.

bonwicke-owner at ansteorra.org

D & K Arrington wrote:
> OK- duck.  Thorgrim/Darryl is speaking his mind again.  I give you this
> warning, in case you want to delete this before reading my madness...
> You have been warned...

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