[Bonwicke] Gothic Wars

chiang chiang at odsy.net
Sun Oct 21 15:42:08 PDT 2001

   Yes we did. The only complaint that His Grace had was the stamina of the
fighters<G> Guess we need to work on that.
   In that vane, I would like to have a Regional Fighter Practice in late
November or early December. I have gotten an email from the head of the Fray
Unit. They would like to set up a date to meet with us to participate.
  Would the last weekend of November work for most everyone? I will email
them back with a possible date. We can hash it out for a final date. Would
like to hold it at the Mendersham fighter practice site.
   I would also like to take this chance to once again push for people to
show up for these Regional Practices and to plan to go to Gulf Wars. It is
another chance for the Western Region to show its self off, again. It will
also be a good chance to get those last minute authorizations out of the
   I look forward to seeing all of you there. Will post more information as
I get it.
   Yours in Service,
    Chiang Ti Lung
     Western Regional Warlord & KM

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Subject: [Bonwicke] Gothic Wars

> Hello all!  Sir Aaron here.  I'd like to thank all who
> attended Gothic War this year. I want to tell all the
> ones who fought heavy that we made some people sit up
> and pay attention. We fought well as a unit, did what
> we were told, when we were told, and better than most
> expected. The Knights and commanders of the Kings
> units
> all were impressed. Thank you. We did well, as usual.
> *winks*
> Sir Aaron, the sore one

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