[Bonwicke] Gothic Wars

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  That is the whole idea. I have been trying to do that. Also will be trying
to hold them at regional events too. I would realllike to see the western
Region become a more cohesive fighting group that can do more than just fill
in some place<G>.
  The only problem has been a lack of gumption on the part of the fighters
in the Western Region. I have been really troubled by this. Not sure what
has happened to us.
   I have yet to hear back from the Fray Company, but would like to have a
regional fighter practice in late November, early December anyway. We will
do some fighting, working thru the commands, and stepping thru commands
under fire<G>. If you want experience, then show up. I will see that you get
  Chiang, Western Warlord
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what about having a regional war practice in a different place each month?
Once a month get together and work on things?  there are alot of people who
are new to melee's, and some of us old ones are inexperienced, and, no
matter the experience level, practicing teamwork and getting to trust the
person next to us can't be a bad idea.

anyway, just a thought
Ian Macleod

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