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Mon Oct 22 20:55:04 PDT 2001

There doesn't seem to be anything on the kingdom calendar for the Nov 30 - 2
December weekend.  How about that Saturday at Mendersham?  Our fighter practice
is on Sunday (which we could also do), but I thought perhaps Saturday would be
better for everyone.  We now hold our practice at Nelson Park, just off Loop
322 , next to the Abilene Zoo and the Colusiem.  Two large pavillons, a
playground for the kiddos, a big fireplace to have a nice fire if it has turned
cold.  A map to the park is on Mendersham's web site
http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Realm/9469/.  Then go to Calendar of Events,
and the maps load below the schedule.

KM, Mendersham

>   That is the whole idea. I have been trying to do that. Also will be trying
> to hold them at regional events too. I would realllike to see the western
> Region become a more cohesive fighting group that can do more than just fill
> in some place<G>.
>   The only problem has been a lack of gumption on the part of the fighters
> in the Western Region. I have been really troubled by this. Not sure what
> has happened to us.
>    I have yet to hear back from the Fray Company, but would like to have a
> regional fighter practice in late November, early December anyway. We will
> do some fighting, working thru the commands, and stepping thru commands
> under fire<G>. If you want experience, then show up. I will see that you get
> it.
>   Chiang, Western Warlord
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> From: "Rob rose"
> --
> > what about having a regional war practice in a different place each month?
> Once a month get together and work on things?  there are alot of people who
> are new to melee's, and some of us old ones are inexperienced, and, no
> matter the experience level, practicing teamwork and getting to trust the
> person next to us can't be a bad idea.
> anyway, just a thought
> Ian Macleod

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