[Bonwicke] Regional Fighter Practice and ramble

chiang chiang at odsy.net
Tue Oct 23 14:24:46 PDT 2001

   Greetings again,
I guess that I have been guilty of pushing people to go to Gulf Wars. I do
not mean for the practices to be just for the people going to Gulf, they are
open to anyone that wants or needs the practice.
  The last few years have seen a Kingdom wide shift to melees and such. You
are starting to see more and  more big melee events, not the least of which
is our own Gothic Wars. Many of the other warbands and war companies are
seeing Gothic as a good training event. I expect it to keep growing.
  It is my hope to see the Western Region fighting in a more cohesive
manner. Toward this end, I will be pushing for more melee training from
everyone. I would like to see them at regular fighter practices when you
have enough people to at least step through the commands.
  I would like to see more people at the next Regional Practice. It will be
in Mendersham on Dec 1 at their regular practice site. They have a really
nice place to have it. Ryah has posted the address for the map. Will be
posting more about it in the upcoming weeks.
  Thanks again.
  Yours in service,
  Your neighborhood Warlord

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