[Bonwicke] Regional Fighter Practice and ramble

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Tue Oct 23 20:59:43 PDT 2001

Hi Chiang,

One notable shortage at this past Gothic's melee battles was a dirth of
marshalls on the field. I know there is little glory on the field for
marshalls ["those who can do - those who can't marshall" seems to be the
attitude]. So how about some classes on marshalling to help remedy this?


chiang wrote:
>    Greetings again,
> I guess that I have been guilty of pushing people to go to Gulf Wars. I do
> not mean for the practices to be just for the people going to Gulf, they are
> open to anyone that wants or needs the practice.
>   The last few years have seen a Kingdom wide shift to melees and such. You
> are starting to see more and  more big melee events, not the least of which
> is our own Gothic Wars. Many of the other warbands and war companies are
> seeing Gothic as a good training event. I expect it to keep growing.
>   It is my hope to see the Western Region fighting in a more cohesive
> manner. Toward this end, I will be pushing for more melee training from
> everyone. I would like to see them at regular fighter practices when you
> have enough people to at least step through the commands.
>   I would like to see more people at the next Regional Practice. It will be
> in Mendersham on Dec 1 at their regular practice site. They have a really
> nice place to have it. Ryah has posted the address for the map. Will be
> posting more about it in the upcoming weeks.
>   Thanks again.
>   Yours in service,
>   Chiang
>   Your neighborhood Warlord
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