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Faith Vedder vertfleur at earthlink.net
Sat Sep 8 08:06:53 PDT 2001

> Greetings, all.

    This message concerns the demo in Alpine that Jacque wrote about.  Is
there anyone who could attend and help these people out?  It's for the Girl
I am willing to go but one person is hardly enough.

Evelyn du Monde

> Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2001 10:34:12 -0500
> From: Paul Hilaire <philaire at spm.c-bass.com>
> To: 'Jeff Parker' <jeffdp at earthlink.net>
> Jeff,
> I just received a call from Jack Dodson (hospitaler of Black Lake) and am
> very disappointed that your group will not be able to help us out as
> planned.  I have made alot ofpromises to people after hearing that you all
> could help out.  I now have large gaps in our agenda for this event.  Do you
> have any suggestions or
> alternatives I can look at?  Your help would be greatly appreciated.
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