[Bonwicke] Fw: demo

Faith Vedder vertfleur at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 10 06:40:52 PDT 2001

Greetings, Here is some info on what the Girl Scouts would like us to do. So
far we only have 1 fighter interested.  He's going to look pretty silly
hitting himself :)
those of us going will need to plan out what we want to do.

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> The time I have alotted the SCA can vary but I did have a time frame of
> PM.  The agenda is not commital as to the demontrations you and the group
> would like to do. Some suggestions were swordplay, dance, armor demo,
> heraldry, etc.  I can set up the times so that each demo is done only once
> to the entire group or twice to half the group.  If the group is only 4 or
> so, I can also arrange to house you at the camp if you would like to stay
> overnight on Saturday.  I would like to have you folks stay for dinner
> us and attend the campfire ceremony if you would like to.

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