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rstarkey rstarkey at camalott.com
Tue Sep 11 12:00:41 PDT 2001

We can't have regional events.
We can't have regional money.
We can't have our own regional place at Gulf Wars.

We could have principality events.
We could have principality money.
We could have our own principality place at Gulf Wars.
(there.  i have said it.  let the screaming begin.  i can hear the muttering
now about the damn trimarian rabblerouser ....<G>).

Then again, i do like the Sweetwater site, and the idea of putting some
money in it and improving the site.


>The following is a synopsis of the Annual Post Gothic Meeting held this
>1)  Autocrat for next year - Lady Marianna has graciously offered to
>autocrat for next year.  HL. Safiye will be her co-autocrat.  Reasoning:
>has been found that having your co-autocrat on board a year early allows
>good training and consistency from one year to the next.  It is great to be
>able to think ahead.
>2)  Bid process for Gothic - New Kingdom law does not allow for groups
>together to  bid for events.  The bid process is up to the individual
>Previously, Gothic was co-sponsored by 3 groups and we rotated those groups
>each year.  So, this is the plan we came up with.  We set up the rotation
>schedule as follows:
>2002 - Crossroads Keep
>2003 - Trelac
>2004 - Blacklake
>2005 - Mendersham
>2006 - Bonwicke
>2007 - Adlersruhe
>The reasoning here is that the shire or barony sponsoring would be the one
>to do the bid.  If, for some reason, one group should choose to sit out a
>year, then the first shot at a bid should go to the next group in the
>rotation.  This will prevent any one Shire from having to take care of the
>gate/major expenses but once every few years.
>3)  Gothic Profit - Following Gothic last year, it was determined that
>was a need for a Regional type financial committee to determine the
>profit/expenditures from the Gothic proceeds.  In accordance with that
>as many of the regionals as could sat down and we tried to consult with all
>the others before the meeting.  There was a consensus with them, as well as
>many other folk who just came to the meeting, that we would like any
>to go to the Gulf War Encampment fund, specifically to be used to improve a
>camping spot for the Western Region.  We are asking that HL Niccolai, our
>acting regional treasurer check into our options.  I spoke to Richard the
>other night and he did share a couple of things I wanted to pass along:
>    a)  If we put the money in the Kingdom Fund, then there is no guarantee
>that it will be given back to us to improve the Western Regional
>    b)  We, as a region, can build nothing permanent on the site.  The
>permanent Ansteorran gate structure is something different and he said he
>wasn't sure what our options might be as to something Regional specific.
>***My opinion here*** If we can't use the money for what we want at Gulf, I
>would be more inclined to look into helping do something at the Sweetwater
>site.  Since it is more or less our permanent site around here, it might be
>better to invest there.
>Please discuss the above with your populace, feel free to put it in your
>newsletter, and most of all, call or write your officers and regionals so
>that we can know your thoughts.  Sorry this was so long!
>Regional Seneshal

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