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> A Sad Day in Ostgardr (Please forward to other SCA lists who might
> be interested)
> Greetings to all the friends of Ostgardr across the Known World on
> the morning after from Baron Ian of Clan Mitchell the Viceroy of
> the Crown Province of Ostgardr.(The Baron of New York)
> First let me say that we think we have accounted for all the
> members of the SCA who worked in the World Trade Center.
> All survived. Some of the stories of escape are hair raising..
> Thank you all for your concern.
> Even though the Scadian family seem to have all escaped, none of us
> are untouched. The  Deputy Chief who coordinated the Police
> Department's United
> Way Campaign for three years (That's what I do) is listed among the
> dead. I have not yet dealt with the loss of my friend.
> My son, Mitch Jr. (Lord Michael MacIan), is a paramedic. Please
> keep him in your thoughts -- he works for a private ambulance
> company that took heavy casualties at the base of the WTC
> yesterday morning. Thank GOD he wasn't
> there when it collapsed, but was held at the mouth of the Brooklyn
> Battery Tunnel by dispatch. He was on the phone complaining
> loudly to his mother that he couldn't get in there to help..
> when the buildings collapsed. And he fell silent as he stared at
> the cloud rising where the buildings had been.
> The picture that the networks  keep showing of ambulances crushed
> and ash covered is of the staging area for his company.
> He knows of one friend killed, one in very critical condition,
> twenty injured and a dozen among the missing.
> He is scheduled to be there at 7AM today, Wednesday.
> People have asked , "What can we do?"
> My response is pray and give blood and money to the Red Cross.
> New York only had a two day supply before this happened.
> I helped with crowd controlat one of the blood centers yesterday.
> People were wonderful. The need was so great that the
> motorcycle cops were making pickups every half hour. This
> blood need  is not going away soon.
> Please keep us all in your thoughts as we come to grips with what
> has happened to our City and our friends.
> You can reach me at ianmitchell at yahoo.com

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