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    Here is more info on the demo. He would like to know exactly how
many are planning to be there and if you plan to stay for dinner, the
campfire, and overnight at the camp. I will find out exactly what we'd
need to bring on Monday.
    We have several hours and can break the demo into parts since they
expect about 100+ people.
    My question to those who are coming, what do you what to present
(besides fighting)?  Can everyone be there by noon?


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     Subject: Map to Camp Mitre Peak

     This is a scanned map to the Girl Scout Camp.  The recommended
route is I-20 west to Monahans - Exit Rt
     18. South about 7 miles to 1776.  There are a couple of zig-zag
stops and starts but it is essentially a
     straight route almost directly into Alpine.  Once in Alpine you
will drive through town and take a right
     (North) on Rt 118 approx. 9 miles to Co. Rd. 1837 (left), then 3
miles to the camp.  Co Rd 1837 is easy to
     miss although there is a small road sign indicating a turn off and
a large Camp Mitre Peak sign to the left of
     the turn off.

     The toll free number to the camp (although not always easy to get
through on the weekend) is

     I look forward to hearing from you about the members you will have
with you and how much of the day you  would like to be with us.
Also, we are having an event staff meeting (about 1 hour) on Monday,
17 at 7 PM.  It will be held at the Girl Scout Program Center in Midland
Dengar St.  If you or a representative of SCA could make that meeting it

would be helpful.  Let me know and I can give you directions if you need



     Paul St.Hilaire
     Lord of the (weekend) Realm
[ map.jpg of type image/jpeg deleted ]

Qelcome to Medieval Mitre
Friday 9/28

7-9   Pay Homage to the King (check in at Kiva Castle)
8-10 Winnie Hall - crafts - Nametags (Choose family name and Knights names)
               Crowns and Damsel Hats, (Get info on Family pennants and Mantels for Sat. craft)
 9-10 Welcome to Mitre Forest - Opening activity -  weekend overview and rules and regs
11- lights out

Saturday 9/29

7:30 AM Reveille

8:10 - Raising of the colours (Flag ceremony)

8:15 - Breaking Fast

9 - 10  Raids (Hikes) - Stairway/Pools/camp tour (Meet at Kiva (Hats, water and long pants - no sandals)

10:30-11:30        Group A (Robin‘s Hoods) - crafts - Kiva Castle(Family Pennants/Knight’s Mantel)
                         Group B (Friar’s Monks ) -  Meadows (Archery Range) for demonstration

11:30-12:30         Group A (Robin’s Hoods) - Meadows (Archery Range) for demonstration
                          Group B (Friar’s Monks ) - crafts in Kiva Castle

12:30 - Mid-day repast (Lunch) at Winnie Hall

1:30-3 Amphitheater (or other)  for SCA demonstrations - dance - swordfight - armor-heraldry

3- 4:30  Free time (Chat with SCA presenters, take a walk, put your feet up, finish your crafts or visit the trading post)

4:30  Meet by the Meadows (Archery range) for processional and jousting tournament (Wear your crowns, hats , mantels and  bring your   family pennants)

5:45 -Scour thy hands (wash up) and get  ready for a Medieval Feast (Please wear your hats and crowns)

6:15 - Feast at Winnie Hall

7:15-7:45 Dragon egg hunt (for children) - at the Meadows

7:45 - 8:30- Campfire - Songs and skits

9- 10:30  Winnie hall for activities, puppet show and games

11 Lights out

Sunday 9/30

7:30 Reveille

8:15 - Scouts Own (Closing Ceremony)

8:30 - Breakfast

9:30-10:30 - Cabin cleanup and other duties

10-11 - Sign out and evaluations at Kiva Castle

10:30 -11:30  Head back to the modern world

Period costumes are welcome - feel free to bring your knight, prince/princess or king/queen costumes, if you wish.  All attendees will be making crowns, damsel hats and knight outfits so no-one will be left out. The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) will have a group of presenters with us on Saturday - please make them feel welcome and thank them for us.



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