[Bonwicke] Mitre Peak Demo Map, meeting on Monday

Jane Lusk jlusk at crcom.net
Fri Sep 14 17:00:22 PDT 2001

Greetings, Mistress Evelyn and all others!

Lord Charles and I are planning to attend the Mitre Peak demo.  At this
point, we're planning on getting into Ft Davis late Friday night and can
meet with the group anytime Saturday.  Please just give us the word.

I've been in one whole demo ever, so will try to do what little I can,
perhaps in a more minor role.  I can dance if we have enough, I can
bring my rapier stuff if you'd like, or I can bring some embroidery or
inkle or tablet weaving stuff.  I can bring my li'l plastic recorder and
play some period  pieces, if that'd help.  Or, I can just stand around
and nod and look pretty (hey, that was a joke!)  Hope some of that can

Lord Charles would probably be most comfortable just being dressed up as
a monk (hopefully with a vow of silence--another joke <G>)and standing

Staying around for supper might be fun.  We won't need lodging.

Your friend,
Ldy Elewys

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