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Me, too.
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> We can't have regional events.
> We can't have regional money.
> We can't have our own regional place at Gulf Wars.
> We could have principality events.
> We could have principality money.
> We could have our own principality place at Gulf Wars.
> (there.  i have said it.  let the screaming begin.  i can hear the
> now about the damn trimarian rabblerouser ....<G>).
> Then again, i do like the Sweetwater site, and the idea of putting some
> money in it and improving the site.
> Ryah
> >The following is a synopsis of the Annual Post Gothic Meeting held this
> >year:
> >
> >1)  Autocrat for next year - Lady Marianna has graciously offered to
> >autocrat for next year.  HL. Safiye will be her co-autocrat.  Reasoning:
> It
> >has been found that having your co-autocrat on board a year early allows
> >good training and consistency from one year to the next.  It is great to
> >able to think ahead.
> >
> >2)  Bid process for Gothic - New Kingdom law does not allow for groups
> going
> >together to  bid for events.  The bid process is up to the individual
> shire.
> >Previously, Gothic was co-sponsored by 3 groups and we rotated those
> >each year.  So, this is the plan we came up with.  We set up the rotation
> >schedule as follows:
> >
> >2002 - Crossroads Keep
> >2003 - Trelac
> >2004 - Blacklake
> >2005 - Mendersham
> >2006 - Bonwicke
> >2007 - Adlersruhe
> >
> >The reasoning here is that the shire or barony sponsoring would be the
> >to do the bid.  If, for some reason, one group should choose to sit out a
> >year, then the first shot at a bid should go to the next group in the
> >rotation.  This will prevent any one Shire from having to take care of
> >gate/major expenses but once every few years.
> >
> >3)  Gothic Profit - Following Gothic last year, it was determined that
> there
> >was a need for a Regional type financial committee to determine the
> >profit/expenditures from the Gothic proceeds.  In accordance with that
> idea,
> >as many of the regionals as could sat down and we tried to consult with
> >the others before the meeting.  There was a consensus with them, as well
> >many other folk who just came to the meeting, that we would like any
> profits
> >to go to the Gulf War Encampment fund, specifically to be used to improve
> >camping spot for the Western Region.  We are asking that HL Niccolai, our
> >acting regional treasurer check into our options.  I spoke to Richard the
> >other night and he did share a couple of things I wanted to pass along:
> >    a)  If we put the money in the Kingdom Fund, then there is no
> >that it will be given back to us to improve the Western Regional
> Encampment.
> >    b)  We, as a region, can build nothing permanent on the site.  The
> >permanent Ansteorran gate structure is something different and he said he
> >wasn't sure what our options might be as to something Regional specific.
> >
> >***My opinion here*** If we can't use the money for what we want at Gulf,
> >would be more inclined to look into helping do something at the
> >site.  Since it is more or less our permanent site around here, it might
> >better to invest there.
> >
> >Please discuss the above with your populace, feel free to put it in your
> >newsletter, and most of all, call or write your officers and regionals so
> >that we can know your thoughts.  Sorry this was so long!
> >
> >Ulrica
> >Regional Seneshal
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